Cybersecurity assessment to Identify, Trust but Verify and Quantify your cyber risks. We perform our assessment leveraging both internal and external analysis as well as the Dark Web. Being CyberSure’d provides underwriters the information to secure cyber liability coverage as well as providing critical info to save you money on your insurance with the documentation of your risk profile.

What we do:

  • Identify insurer security policy terms
  • Ensure IT security configurations are compliant with policy terms
  • Network searches for ePHI, Card Holder Data, and PII
  • Identify Anomalous Logins
  • Analyze User/Computer
  • Analyze Share Permissions
  • Identify User Behavior Analysis
  • Analyze Open Ports
  • Identify Vulnerable Ports
  • Identify Weak Protocols
  • Identify Weak Ciphers

What we provide:

  • Risk Management Plan
  • Evidence of Compliance
  • Security Report Card
  • Risk Report
  • Breach Liability Report
  • Dark Web Report
  • External Network Vulnerability Report
  • Executive Summary
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